Why a reform?

Our support system is broken, fragmented and inequitable. Government assistance is a labyrinth with 247 programs and measures spread across more than 19 departments and agencies. In Québec, more than 600,000 people have a disability.


Often, due to a lack of alternatives or discouragement, people end up in long-term care facilities. Thus, 86% of the funding goes to institutions where seniors and people with disabilities end their lives without dignity. COVID-19 reiterated the dangers of institutionalization with nearly 4000 deaths in tragic circumstances.

No one is immune to a decline in his or her abilities. Everyone should have the opportunity and choice to live in the community with the necessary support. Living in the community is a human right.

To achieve this, we need a reform, through the creation of a single access point, that respects our charters of rights and freedom!


A social approach to respect human rights

Elderly and people with disabilities and their carers are ordinary citizens, subjects of rights, who should have the same choices and opportunities as everyone else.


We can build a support system that values life, independence and inclusion for all! And this, at a lower cost, while respecting our societal values, as has been done in many countries.


How you can help

Several means are at your disposal to speed up the start of this reform



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